Grand Rapids Ninja Week FAQ’s


Q: Where will the competition and camps take place?
A: Ninja Week GR takes place at the Deltaplex Arena, located at 2500 Turner Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49544.

Q: What kind of seating is available?
A: Free general admission seating is available during Youth Camps. Amateur Competition and Team Ninja Warrior - $5 per person (5 years and up) on Thursday, Friday, & Saturday. Ticketed seating is available for the Team Pro Competition on Friday night and for the Pro Ninja Competition on Saturday night. Tickets are available for purchase directly from the Deltaplex box office or online at

Q: What kind of food options are there?
A: The Deltaplex concessions will be available.

Q: Are pets allowed?
A: Pets are not allowed.

Q: Is there a medical center on-site in case of emergency?
A: Paramedics will be on-site. In the case of an urgent medical emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Q: Is there special parking and seating for someone who is disabled?
A: Yes, ADA handicap-accessible seating and parking is available.

Q: Is there a fee for parking?
A: Yes, there will be a charge for parking.
$5 CASH for parking (Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday) per car
$8 CASH for parking (Saturday and Sunday) per car
$15 CASH for parking (week) per car

Q: Where do I park?
A: Convenient onsite parking will be available at the Deltaplex. There is one main entrance by the marquee, accessible via Turner Avenue or West River Drive.

Q: What other things are there to do in Grand Rapids?
A: Grand Rapids, the Lakeshore, and the cities and towns in-between offer more active adventures, city excitement and quiet beach time than most could fit into an entire summer. Learn more at or

Q: Is photography allowed?
A: Yes, photography is allowed.

Q: Which pro Ninjas are coming to the event?
A: See the Professional Competition page for a list of pro Ninjas who are coming to the event. The list will continue to grow, so please check back or reach out and ask us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


Youth Camp

Q: What if there is rain on the day of the event?
A: We’re inside this year. Rain or shine, we’ll be climbing, jumping, beating walls, and breaking down barriers.

Q: Will I be able to get autographs from the Ninjas?
A: Yes, a variety of top Ninjas will be onsite throughout the week. They’re some of the friendliest and approachable people you’ll ever meet. They’ll be happy to sign everything from training journals to t-shirts. We’ve seen Ninjas sign backpacks and brand new back-to-school sneakers and shoelaces.

Q: What is included with the Youth Camp?
A: Kids will get hands-on obstacle course training, t-shirt, tips, and inspiration from pro Ninjas.

Q: Will my kid get to meet their favorite Ninja?
A: We wish we could make that happen for the thousands of kids attending. We are able to say that top Ninjas will be active at each camp, including dedicated meet-and-greet time.
We’re big fans/supporters of kids and families who put in the effort and go for their dream. If you, your kids or family want to meet a specific Ninja, share your story. Send a vid, pic or flip that sums up what makes a Ninja like Drew, Michelle, Meagan, Captain NBC, or any other become a hero and a fave.

Q: Are kids able to participate in more than one camp?
A: Unfortunately, no. Each year we sell out of all single registrations several weeks before the camps take place. If your kids need a training tip or word of inspiration, we encourage you to connect on Social. Ask us to ask a Ninja – or ask a Ninja directly and tag us on Social.

Q: Will youth participants have the chance to beat that wall this year?
A: Absolutely. It wouldn’t be Rockford Ninja Warrior without a Warped Wall!


Ninja Bootcamp

Q: What does a camp include?
A: Beginner to intermediate level ninja bootcamp participants learn expert advice and hands-on training tips from pro Ninjas.

Q: What instructors will I be working with?
A: We’re not able to share a detailed list and schedule. We can say that last year Jessie Graff, Jamie Rahn, Kevin Bull, and Michelle Warnky were all instructors. Grant McCartney and Daniel Gill were on-hand to lend-a-hand. If there’s a Ninja you’d like to join us, reach out on Social to the Ninja(s) and tag us @rockfordninjas – you never know what could happen. 🙂


Amateur Competition

Q: As an Amateur Competitor, may I bring a backpack/bag or cooler?
A: Yes, backpacks/bags will be allowed for competitors. Spectators are subject to the Deltaplex rules. Coolers will not be permitted.

Q: Will I be able to get autographs from the Ninjas?
A: Yes, a variety of top Ninjas will be onsite and will sign autographs throughout the week. Connecting with others is one of the things fans and top Ninjas love most about Ninja Weeks.

Q: Will we be able to see what the course will look like?
A: We will release the course diagram once it is finalized.


Team and Pro Ninja Competition

Q: Will the Ninjas from the TV show be running the course?
A: Yes, pro Ninjas will be competing on Friday and Saturday. Tickets can be purchased from the Deltaplex.

Q: Can I get a refund if I can no longer use my tickets?
A: All refunds are subject to the Deltaplex policies.

Have additional questions or need more information about Ninja Week Grand Rapids? Give us a call at (616) 884-5566 or email us anytime. We appreciate your interest in Rockford Ninja Warrior.