Rockford Ninja Warrior is the world’s largest community-sponsored ninja fitness event, featuring ninjas from the hit television show American Ninja Warrior.

This weeklong obstacle course event experience gathers more than 15,000 attendees of all ages, with youth camps and adult training opportunities during the week leading up to the amateur and pro competitions. Focused on promoting healthy lifestyles and resilience, this event is powered by volunteers and sponsors from across the United States. All proceeds are donated to benefit other local to global youth programs.

Early Days

Inspired by a new generation of athleticism and fitness, resulting from multi-sport athletes and obstacle course training and competitions, Rockford Ninja Warrior Event Creator, Brian Pankratz, dreamt of furthering that determination for wellness within his community, among the Great Lakes region.

Brian soon realized the event's impact could create long-lasting, positive change for youth and their families, especially after the first Rockford Ninja Warrior in 2014 brought together participants and attendees from across the country.

Always Moving Forward

Since then, Rockford Ninja Warrior has grown in its recognition as a premier sports event. This is all possible through the incredible support of the Ninja Community, generous community partners, dedicated volunteers and the energy and excellence of many professional ninjas from the hit television show American Ninja Warrior. Some of the professional Ninjas that have served in our camps and amateur competitions include: Drew Dreschel, Daniel Gil, Joe Moravsky, Jamie Rahn, Jessie Graff, Ryan Stratis, Grant McCartney, Michelle Warnky, Kevin Bull, James McGrath, Evan Dollard, Karsten Williams and Jesse Labreck.

Each year, you'll find the Rockford Ninja Warrior team has dreamt up bigger and better obstacle course challenges and training opportunities.

Charitable Giving

Rockford Ninja Warrior is a Michigan non-profit corporation and will be filing for 501(c)(3) status for 2018 contributions to be tax deductible.  100% of our event proceeds are donated toward other local to global youth health and wellness programs.

Rockford Ninja Warrior supports the following charitable organizations:

  • Developing Healthy Kids – Rockford Public Schools’ initiative developed to bring awareness to mental health issues and help prevent suicide.
  • Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) – Seeks to prevent kids from using drugs, joining gangs and engaging in violent behavior.
  • Hand2Hand Ministries – Provides nutritious food for over the weekend for over 4,000 kids in West Michigan.
  • World Orphans – Helps empower churches to care for orphans across the globe.
  • Pine Ridge Bible Camp – Shares and models the message of Jesus in a safe, innovative, and relational setting.


Have additional questions or need more information about Rockford Ninja Warrior? Give us a call at 616-884-5566 or send us an email.